These incredibly enchanting forests seem to have an almost magical feel, beckoning visitors to walk straight into a fantasy world

When you step in, you'll be taking part in the ancient Chinese tradition of what's called forest bathing, which means not only do you get to enjoy the spectacular scenery that surrounds you, but your stress levels will plummet, your blood pressure will lower and you'll be giving your immune system a boost too

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japann

Yuya Horikawa

Sagano Bamboo Forest, located on the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan, is often found on lists of places you have to see before you die. Soaring green stalks of bamboo sway in the wind, creaking eerily they collide and twist.

As the sun filters through it projects tiny slices of light onto the trail, calling tourists in to experience its allure up close

Crooked Forest, Polandn

This fantasy woodland just outside of Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania, Poland is home to 400 bizarrely twisted trees as one of Central Europe's most unusual forests.

All of the trees are bent in the same direction: due north. The pines were planted around 1930, and to this day there is no real answer as to why the trees are so oddly shaped.

Halle's Forest, Belgiumn

Raimund Linke

From late April to early May several acres of woodlands on the edge of the Woods of Halleare covered by a splendid carpet of wild bluebell hyacinths.

Quinault Rain Forest, Washingtonn

The Quinault Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is one of only three temperate rain forests found in the Western hemisphere.

As you walk through, it's easy to imagine that fairies really do live in the hollowed out, moss-covered logs

The Dark Hedges, Northern Irelandn

K.C. Dermody

This magical tree tunnel is a place everyone should walk through at least once. One of the most-photographed places in Ireland, the avenue of ancient beech trees along the Bregagh Road near Ballymoney in County Antrim was planted over 200 years ago.

It's been used as a setting for a number of films and TV shows, including HBO's "Game of Thrones."

Tree Tunnel, Halnaker, Englandn


Located near the village of Halnaker in West Sussex along the coast of England, this stunning natural tree tunnel looks as if a knight is going to appear on his horse at any moment. The path was once an ancient Roman road

Black Forest, Germanyn

The Black Forest, a wooded mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany, inspired a number of Grimms' fairy-tales. It gets its name from a canopy of trees so dense that the woods seem dark, pierced only by shafts of sunlight.

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