Violet has become an Instagram superstar, thanks to her wit, crude sense of humor, smile and charm.

Her owner Erica Pittman says she stood out from her siblings with her little heart-shaped nose. "It was fate," she recalled, that Violet happened to have come into the world the very same day her old family dog, Pepper, had passed.

Just a few days before she was able to bring Violet home, Erica started her Instagram. "Initially," she explained, "it was a joke; somewhere to put what I knew was going to be an obscene amount of photos."

But her follower count was soon on the increase, as each day passed, she garnered more and more likes - and, then, there was one photo in particular that she attributes to her success:
Violet, freshly bathed and fluffed, complete with a pink bow.

"I believe it got 1000 likes, and that's when I knew that her Instagram could become something bigger," Erica remarked.

Now, her Instagram sits at just under 10,000 followers, and Violet, known for her wit and often crude humor, has become famous not only in Newfoundland, where she and Erica reside, but across the globe.

Violet already has a sponsorship with a mattress company, and a boxing clothing company too.

Erica adds that "through Instagram I was able to give her a voice and a life that a lot of people enjoy connecting with. For her birthday she received lots of mail from some of her most dedicated followers, some of which I've actually been in contact with on a personal level which makes her Instagram so much more special to me."

Whenever you're in need of a smile, Violet is sure to do the trick - follower her on Instagram here.

Today is #BellLetsTalk day in Canada! For every post with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, Canadian phone company Bell mobility will donate 5 cents to mental health initiatives. As Violets mom, nothing brings me more happiness than seeing how much you all love Violet. Violet is a beacon of boundless joy and effervescent life, and the ability to share that with you and bring a smile to your face brings about a feeling that is impossible to describe. In the midst of my own struggle with mental illness, the knowledge that Violet's Instagram allows all of you to experience the happiness that she brings me gives me a purpose when I feel I have none. From both of our hearts, we extend our hands (and paws) to any of you who may be suffering, and dedicate this Instagram to you as a place where you can find smiles, solace, and most of all sass. Please consider using the Bell Lets Talk hashtag, and never hesitate to reach out if you need that extra love! Love and strength, Erica and Violet 🐼💕 #oldenglishsheepdog #oldenglishsheepdogpuppy #oldenglishsheepdogsofinstagram #oes #bobtail #sheepdog #puppy #puppylove #puppiesofinstagram #instapuppy #dogstagram #dogsofig #dogscorner #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_instagram #instadog #dailydog #petsofinstagram #petstagram #petscorner #instapet #petsofig #dailypet #instadaily #f4f #s4s #fluffy #adorable

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