Man's best friend is at it again, proving that nothing is quite as a cute or helpful as a dog! This adorable Dachshund was spotted at what is being reported as an auto mechanics shop in Russia wearing a specially made outfit that makes him one helpful little 'tool-dog.'

These photos have been buzzing all around the Internet in Russia, although the real scoop remains largely unknown. If you know anything additional about the adorable 'tool-dog' please share in the comments below!

The dog appears happy, healthy and comfortable, but some people have vented over the dog's sensitive spine. He should be okay carrying what appear to be proportionately placed light tools, but you should never force your dog to carry anything even moderately heavy on his or her back.

Before making your own DIY tool-carrying sweater for your pup, we recommend consulting with your vet to make sure your furry friend remains safe and sound!

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