There are few people that could face a massive 100-foot wave and come out unscathed, but 28-year-old Pedro "Scooby" Vianna managed to hurtle down it, only inches from being swallowed up.

The vast wall of water off the coast of Nazare, Portugal was called the "ultimate challenge," and a drone captured the heart-pounding moment it all happened.

The skilled Brazilian surfer held on for quite a while but was eventually thrown from his board at high speeds and had to be rescued by one of his buddies on a jet ski.

The pair attempted to pull away from the monster wave as it came hurtling toward them, but ended up being tossed around in the froth.

Still, they somehow managed to escape the ocean's wrath unscathed.

The famous break in Nazare has become a shrine for big wave surfers that was sparked after American Garrett McNamara set a world record three years ago by surfing a 78-foot wave from trough to crest.

You can watch it all unfold in the video below, thanks to Red Bull.

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