Before you throw away that old soup ladle or colander you need to see these creative ways to recycle and reuse common kitchen utensils. Landfills grow larger every single day. The more you reuse old stuff instead of throwing it away the better, not only for your wallet but also for the planet

Turns out, a bunch of the stuff you'd buy at the store, like decorative magnets or a tablet holder, are already at your fingertips. All you need are old kitchen utensils and a little creativity

Get ready to spark your inner DIY looking at this awesome list of creative ways to reuse old kitchen supplies

1. Hanging Light Made From Old Cheese Gratersn

2. Add Magnets And Succulents To Old Wine Corksn

3. Old Kitchen Chalkboard = New Tablet Holdern

Mamie Janes

4. Hang Colanders With Lights Installed Behind For A Unique Twist On Kitchen Lightingn

5. Old Soup Ladles Transformed Into Candle Holdersn

6. Old Forks Make Great Coat Or Purse Hangersn

7. Rolling Pins Used To Make Kitchen Rack With Hooksn


8. This Awesome Vertical Planter Is Made From Recycled Plastic Bottlesn


9. Vintage Rolling Pin Towel Rackn


10. Old Coffee Pot = Awesome Terrariumn

11. Old Spoons = New Garden Markersn

12. Old Plate + Old Crystal Wine Goblet = New Cake Standn


13. Old Cupcake Baking Tray Transformed Into Muffin Tinn

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