Yes, you read right, there is a hide and seek world championship for grownups who want to play the timeless children's game with other grownups. Before you judge, think about it—with everything horrible that's going on around the world, who can fault bunch of adults for wanting to have some fun?

This year's event is taking place in an abandoned resort in the Italian village of Consonno, with 320 people participating. They'll be split into 64 teams of five to vie for the title of "Hide and Seek Champions of the World."

Consonno has an interesting and tragic history that makes it a great location for a game of hide and seek. In 1968, a real estate developer wanted to turn the rural town into Italy's "Las Vegas." The idea might have worked, and the developer did end up building a giant resort—complete with a grand hotel, a minaret, a zoo, and a sightseeing train—but the whole thing fell flat in 1976 when a landslide pulverized the only road that goes into Consonno, rendering the town inaccessible.

The minaret

Consonno was quickly deserted and is now a shadow of its former glory. What better place for a large group of adults to enjoy a two-day game of hide and seek?

The competition is officially known as the Nascondino World Championship ("nascondino" means "hide and seek" in Italian), and this is its sixth annual event. This year's games will run from September 3 to 4, and players are coming in from all over Italy.

Participants pay a €125 entry fee per team, and must be between 18 and 60 to play. According to Quartz, the rules are simple but strict, and they're enforced by a game coordinator and two referees. The teams are divided into four groups, one person per group hides while a team of seekers count for 60 seconds. The hiders have 10 minutes to come out of their hiding spot and hit a target in the center of the playing field without being caught by the seekers. This continues for two whole days until a winner is crowned.

Michele Zeffino, a member of 2014's winning team, told Quartz that the game is very competitive and every team has their own tricks and strategies for winning. He won't share any of his team's tricks because they plan to use them this year, but he said the hardest part of the game is "to decide when to come out from hiding."

Graffiti on walls in Consonno

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