We love dogs of all sizes, but it's got to be tough living with a dog that's nearly the size of a horse.

Oftentimes, these guys grow up loving to cuddle with their families, but when they become full grown dogs, they just don't get that they aren't as small as they once were.

Like this Saint Bernard who just reallllly seems to want a hug and won't give up trying.


Or, this massive Mastiff who's paw is nearly as big as its owner's head.

This wolf hybrid may be twice as big as its owner.


Poor guy. He just wants to be like his human, but it's obviously not working.


The King of the Dogs.


We think this one really needs his own couch.

This Newfie definitely needs his own lounge chair. That's a disaster waiting to happen.


Irish wolfhounds may be one of the largest dog breeds, but the love they give is even bigger than their size.

Wonder how much it costs to feed him?

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