Five British teenagers who foolishy climbed the 250-foot-high summit of a 22-story student block as witnesses on the ground gazed up in shock recently released the footage of their heart-pounding exploits.

The group of teens that range in age from 16 to 19, were filmed during the incident and branded "idiotic" and "reckless" for "rooftopping," but they recently released their own video of the incident and attempted to defend themselves.

They warned others against trying to copy them and said they are experienced at what they do.

In the footage, you can see them scaling the fence of the unfinished building, before climbing the scaffolding to reach the top. via MailOnline

One guy sits on the edge and another stands nearby as gusts of wind blow around them.

The youngest member of the group said they weren't trying to break the rules, but just happened to be right next to the building and suddenly came up with the idea to climb it.

"It feels good doing things people find scary," the 16-year-old said. via MailOnline

He also claimed he had no idea they were being filmed and they were all shocked to discover their exploits had been so widely reported. When the images were posted online, many people condemned them with comments like "stupid idiots," and, "I can't even look at them pics without feeling sick." via MailOnline

He further explained, "We're not used to that kind of exposure and I don't understand. We're definitely not the only people to climb it."

Jack another one of the teens added, "It was a great view - nothing really goes through your head when you're up there looking down. You're just fully in control of your body and simply just enjoying being there. via MailOnline

"We all spend a considerable amount of time training parkour, which although isn't the same as rooftopping, can often overlap due to the similarities. We all take what we do seriously and wouldn't consider ourselves daredevils - we take a lot of care in what we do."

The construction company involved in the project, the Kier Group, said it was taking the issue seriously and had ramped up security as a result

What do you think? Watch the teens scale the building in the footage below:

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