Video footage captures what must be the bravest people on the planet! Krissy Elder originally spotted the bear wandering the streets of western Pennsylvania with a bucket stuck on his head.

Elder took a photo of the bear and immediately went to the Pennsylvania Game Commission seeking assistance for the helpless and likely frightened bear. Unfortunately, they said there was nothing they could do because the bear was healthy and "mobile."

It doesn't take a genius to realize the bear wouldn't stay healthy for long without access to his mouth, vision or full sense of smell

Thankfully, when Dean Hornberger and his girlfriend Samantha Eigenbrod saw the photo they wanted to do something to help the bear… despite the fact he's well, a big bad bear

Dean works in animal rescue so he's no stranger to putting his safety on the line for the sake of animals in need. He knew that with some help from his friends he could rescue the bear from certain tragedy. As it turns out, the bear had been stuck with this container on his head for a shocking 2 months!

Dean and his gang of animal do-gooders set out to find the bear, but as the hours ticked by with no sight of him they began to worry they were too late. Then, just before they gave up for the day, he appeared before them on the side of the road

Upon closer inspection the container turned out to be a rubber air bag from a tractor-trailer, tightly secured around the bear's neck by a metal ring

Finding the bear was only part of the struggle, the hardest part of all was capturing the bear and then holding onto him long enough to remove the rubber bag. Watch the heart pounding footage below…

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