If you're planning to go anywhere this year you might want to consider planning a trip to one of these highly anticipated attractions scheduled to open in 2016. On the list is a $5.4 billion dollar Disneyland park in Shanghai, and Los Angeles' very own Wizarding World of Harry Potter—which I most certainly can't wait for! If you're looking for something more 'meaningful', the soon to open Ark Encounter in Kentucky just might float your boat.

Get ready for excitement overload looking at these 8 incredible attractions you can finally visit in 2016!

1. Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Hollywood

I was ready to hit someone over the head with a Nimbus 2001 when Universal Studios in Orlando, FL got a Harry Potter world but the Los Angeles Universal Studios did not. I can finally release my broomstick weapon… because we are officially getting our own Wizarding World of Harry Potter at LA Universal Studios!

The attraction is scheduled to open on April 7, 2016. Learn more here.

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2. Ark Encounter, Kentucky

Ark Encounter is a theme park with a biblical twist, offering a full-size replica of Noah's Ark, which is actually the largest wooden structure in the world. The theme park offers an array of activities and every admission comes with a ticket to the local Creation Museum.

The masterminds behind the $92 million dollar attraction hope to transform Kentucky into a hot spot for religious tourism. The park opens on July 7, 2016. Learn more here.


3. Darling Harbour Live in Sydney, Australia

Previously known as just Darling Harbour, the site is currently undergoing serious renovations to become Sydney's largest convention and exhibition center, as well as the go-to red-carpet entertainment venue. The space will also hold Sydney's largest luxury hotel along with an entire village of shops, cafes, offices and residential communities.

Darling Harbour Live will open at the very end of this year, December 2016. Learn more here.


4. FIFA Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland

Football fans rejoice… and buy a plane ticket to Switzerland! The FIFA World Football Museum will be packing everything football fanatics could ever want and more, including 3D animations, interactive games, trophies and a place for fans to gather in unison.

The museum is scheduled to open in early 2016. Learn more here.


5. Palestinian Museum in West Bank, north of Jerusalem

This $30 million dollar, 430,000-square-foot museum will be packed with Palestinian art and culture. The museum is scheduled to open on May 15, a special date symbolizing the catastrophe in which thousands of Palestinians were displaced by war related to Israel's creation in 1948.

Learn more here.


6. Disneyland in Shanghai, China

Shanghai Disneyland brings the world of Walt Disney to Mainland China with this incredible $5.4 billion dollar theme park. The park will include 6 themed sections including popular favorites such as Fantasyland and Tommorowland, as well as a few new attractions like Treasure Cove.

Disneyland Shanghai is scheduled to open sometime in early 2016. Learn more here.


7. Doha Festival City in Qatar

Qatar is preparing to host the 2022 World Cup by opening this incredible multipurpose facility that is more like a mini village. Doha Festival City is an oil-funded megaproject including 2.6-million square-foot of space hosting 500 shops, 100 restaurants, a hotel, convention center, and two entertainment centers. There is an on-site amusement park as well as an indoor snow park for sledding and skiing.

Doha Festival City is scheduled to open in September 2016. Learn more here.


8. Dubai Parks & Resorts, United Arab Emirates

This 25-million square-foot theme park might be in the middle of a scorching hot dessert, but thankfully it's all indoors and air-conditioned. The $2.8 billion dollar theme park includes a water park and 3 special zones based on Bollywood films, Hollywood blockbusters and the Lego franchise.

It is scheduled to open in October 2016, and within its first year is expected to see 6.7 million visitors. Learn more here.


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